Welcome to my site! I write historical fiction, sometimes with a contemporary narrative. If you’d like to travel to medieval Germany, Gold Rush San Francisco, 1892 Massachusetts or early Oakland during the fight for suffrage, you’ve come to the right place. I hope you’ll enjoy looking around.

For more:

For medieval Germany, click on Witch’s Trinity.

For the Gold Rush, click on Woman of Ill Fame.

For 1892 Massachusetts and the Lizzie Borden story, click on Murderer’s Maid.

For early Oakland, click on House of Bellaver.


I blog, with varying frequency, on all things historical at a different site: World of Mailman. Feel free to click over, but please come back! If you’re particularly interested in Lizzie Borden posts, look for the tag at the upper right hand corner at that page, and it’ll hook you up with All Things Lizzie. (You can also click on “blog” above and it will take you straight there. It’s like a portkey.)

Book recommendation:

I also recommend this neo-Gothic series for those who love haunted English manor houses.

Header photo

What is that photo above? It’s a tower in honor of poet Robert Browning, erected in Oakland by his friend Joaquin Miller. If you poke around Joaquin Miller Park in the Oakland hills, you’ll find it, along with Miller’s funeral pyre and a pyramid to Moses. You can also see it in the pages of my novel House of Bellaver, which contains many such historical images. This photograph is courtesy of the Oakland History Room of the Oakland Public Library, which rocks.


Boston Globe illustration of Second Street. The Lizzie Borden home is marked with Roman number I.

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  1. Hello

    I saw your comments on good reads and the artwork done by a guy who shared info about Rose Vastine. I was wondering if you knew anything more about her and I would like to contact him about her. Can you tell me if his galley is in Arizona, Texas or someplace else?
    Thanks for your time.


  2. While the historical essay serves to put a personal story and make an individual connection to the experience of witchcraft accusations, Mailman’s novel is set one hundred years before the historical note, in an entirely different culture and country.

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