Redwood Heights History Night

What: Redwood Heights Neighborhood History Night with Erika Mailman
When: 7 p.m., Thursday, April 7
Where: Redwood Heights School Auditorium, 4401 39th Ave.
Donation: $5 adults. Children free
For more information: call Denise at 531-3930 or e-mail redwood_heights {at} yahoo(.)com
This is a fundraiser for a great project, a playground for children of all levels of phyiscal capability. According to the Redwood Heights Neighborhood Improvement Association, “Redwood Heights School is creating one of the only truly accessible playgrounds available to children in the entire San Francisco Bay Area. The Playground Environment Transformation (PET) project will provide nontraditional opportunities for children of all abilities and interests to play side-by-side in a creative playground setting. They will be able to enjoy both the physical equipment and social opportunities, without leaving behind support gear such as wheelchairs and walkers.” Hope to see you there to support such a great project. Residents are also asked to bring along stories of the old days of the area. Open to everyone.

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