Images of America: Oakland Hills

Erika’s historical photographic book on the Oakland hills covers Montclair, Rockridge, Glenview, Redwood Heights, Oakmore, Dimond, Trestle Glen and many other neighborhoods and has a special chapter on the 1991 firestorm.

The native Huchiun people once traversed the lush greenery of the Oaklandhills, glimpsing breathtaking vistas as they followed the creeks down to the bay. In 1829, their territory became part of the huge land grant awarded to Mexican soldier Luis Maria Peralta, who in turn lost control of the hills as settlers arrived to harvest the virgin redwood. Although at one time a rustic haven for poet Joaquin Miller, who set up camp where a park now bears his name, the hills proved irresistible to developers. After transit lines reached the hills, promoters held picnics at the end of the line to entice people to buy land. Meadows and windswept hills turned to orchards and, soon after, to lovely neighborhoods.

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