The Witch’s Trinity

Güde is in trouble. She is starving, and a viciously-cold winter has descended on her medieval German village, scattering the game and birds so no one will eat. In these desperate times, her daughter-in-law needs a way to feed her children—and a way to vent her helpless anger.

When she accuses Güde of witchcraft, the trouble only deepens… because Güde isn’t sure she’s innocent.

This novel follows Güde’s struggle for truth, to figure out the reality of her soul’s status, and to hang on to life until good times return to the village.

The Witch’s Trinity was a San Francisco Chronicle Notable Book of 2007, and a Bram Stoker Award finalist.

“A well-constructed novel and a gripping, well-told story of faith and truth.”
—Khaled Hosseini, international bestselling author of The Kite Runner

“A linguistic enchantress has arrived among us, gifted in transmogrifying the mundanities of historical fiction into tableaux of indelible terror and abiding beauty.”
–James Morrow, author of The Last Witchfinder

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